Sorry there isn't much up on here. But this is the site where I shall put all of my art- Pure art! Sketches, digitals, watercolors- you name it.
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hey! it's jaimetalangue here, I wanted to send message on your main(?) blog but you don't have an ask? anyways, I hope it's okay if I correct your French? idk I'm doing it in a friendly way ^^ so it's "regardez tous les mots" :) (the inversion like "regardez-vous" is for questions, like "que regardez-vous ?" = 'what are you looking at?')(tout/tous and toutes/toutes) - hope that's okay, bye!

Thank you very much! I thought I had an ask—- I’ll have to fix that. MErci beaucoup, my french is still in the works.

Also I can’t I spell at all, not even in my native language, so yeah hahaha, thank you.

What is the difference between all the tout/tous and toutes/toutes? The feminine/masculine thing?

Hey! I don't know who you are and you don't know me, but someone reblogged a post about your new comic. I read what you have so far and it looks pretty interesting! My friend and I are just starting out on a comic as well, so I wanted to check yours out to help spread the word (since I know my friend and I would wish the same for someone else to do so). I really wish you much luck on your comic and I hope it does well! Best of wishes to you (and any collaborators if there are any)!

Oh wow jeez, how thoughtful you are to send me such a lovely message! I really appreciate it! It’s a lucky moment when someone actually takes time to do this!

Anyway, good luck with you on your guys’ comic. It’s a lot of dedication, isn’t it? haha… I’ll do my best to spread word of your comic, heck if you give me the site link or whatever, I can post a journal on my dA about it. I have a few more followers on there compared to here, haha.

Good luck and thanks a million!